about rebeka

Like most writers, I like to read, get lost in deep thoughts, randomly thinking of plot twists and made-up characters that feel very real to me.

I have worked in journalism after studying English Literature (at Freiburg University) and Modern Languages (at the University of Bristol).

Growing up, I often dreamed about writing a novel but it wasn’t until I lost someone very close to my heart that I decided to follow that dream.

Talking about growing up – I have suffered from an acute identity crisis for years. Questions like ‘Where are you from?’ trigger an unhealthy chain reaction in my head because how do you answer that question when your parents are from different countries (Italy and Pakistan) and settled down in the Black Forest out of all places, where olive and mango trees are not native and yet they grow roots that stretch from East to West, mingling with a coniferous crowd?

As you can probably tell, I am an overthinker.

Apart from jotting down words on paper, I also enjoy long walks, doing yoga, sipping turmeric lattes, and spending time with those dearest to me.

Some of the truest words ever written: Be soulful. Be kind. Be in love.

- Rumi